Xiaohan Zou 邹笑寒


Xiaohan’s current research interests lie primarily in understanding and improving continuity, generalizability, efficiency and other key properties of machine learning. She is also interested in vision-language and video models.

Previously, she received her master’s degree in Computer Science at Boston University and bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at Tongji University. She was fortunate to work with Prof. Bryan Plummer (BU) on continual learning and parameter sharing, Prof. Tong Lin (PKU) on continual learning and machine translation, and Prof. Qinpei Zhao (Tongji) on image aesthetic captioning.

Curriculum Vitae / renovamenzxh@gmail.com


M.S. in Computer Science, Boston University2021-2023
B.Eng. in Software Engineering, Tongji University

Thesis: Food Image Aesthetic Assessment and Captioning




TokenFlow: Rethinking Fine-grained Cross-modal Alignment in Vision-Language Retrieval

Xiaohan Zou, Changqiao Wu, Lele Cheng, and Zhongyuan Wang

Preprint, 2022


Efficient Meta-Learning for Continual Learning with Taylor Expansion Approximation

Xiaohan Zou, and Tong Lin

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2022

Oral Presentation

paper / slide


To be an Artist: Automatic Generation on Food Image Aesthetic Captioning

Xiaohan Zou, Cheng Lin, Yinjia Zhang, and Qinpei Zhao

International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI), 2020

Oral Presentation

paper / code / slide

A Survey on Application of Knowledge Graph

Xiaohan Zou

International Conference on Control Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (CCEAI), 2020



Machine Learning Engineer Intern, Kuaishou, Beijing, China2021–2022
Research Intern, Peking University, Beijing, China (with Prof. Tong Lin)2020–2022
Software Engineer Intern, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation2020–2021
Game Engineer Intern, Banana Interactive, Shanghai, China2019–2020
Research Intern, Peking University, Beijing, China (with Prof. Tong Lin)2018



  • 🚀 This personal website is built with Astro, Solid and UnoCSS

  • 🧐 Here are two “interesting” versions of my portfolio/cv: portfolio.zxh.io, resume.zxh.io

  • 🎃 Renovamen is a Latin word means renewal

  • 🖥 Ex-OIer/ACMer

  • 🛠 Like to contribute to open-source machine learning and frontend projects in spare time

  • 🥎 Used to be a member of the softball team of Tongji University

  • 🌭 My dream: while(sleeping){money++;}

  • 🕹️ Currently interested in constructing buildings in Minecraft

  • 📜 大概率更新不及时的中文简历