Xiaohan Zou




  • Continual Learning

  • Meta-Learning

  • Multi-modal Learning

  • Sleeping and Eating


  • M.S. in Computer Science, 2023

    Boston University

  • B.Eng. in Software Engineering, 2020

    Tongji University


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  • 🧐 My full version of Curriculum Vitae can be found here

  • ðŸ•đïļ Here are two "interesting" versions of my portfolio/cv: portfolio.zxh.io & resume.zxh.io

  • 🎃 Renovamen is an Latin word means renewal

  • ðŸ–Ĩ Ex-OIer/ACMer

  • 🛠 Like to contribute to open source machine learning and frontend projects in spare time

  • ðŸĨŽ Used to be a member of the softball team and the vice president of the baseball and softball association (Jiading branch) of Tongji University

  • 🌭 My dream: while(sleeping){money++;}

  • 🎃 Currently interested in constructing buildings in Minecraft